About rootsquared.

rootsquared is an innovative consulting company that brings insight, focus and direction to businesses looking to drive tangible, quantifiable improvement.

Our consultancy is focussed around the application of four proven methodologies, several of which are exclusively available to our clients. These tools are expertly applied by our trained practitioners, providing clear direction to situations requiring a fresh and methodical approach, and enabling businesses to capitalise on untapped opportunity.

Over the years, we’ve had the satisfaction of seeing the positive impact that our tools have had on businesses of all sizes, across multiple sectors and industries. Our approach is professional, personal and, we believe, truly original. At the heart of our consultancy lies a genuine passion for continued research and academic excellence. Our methods will always remain at the cutting edge of business innovation,  as we continue to expand our offering based on the latest industry developments.

Our people


Ian Bamford


With 35 years of industry experience, Ian has worked at a senior level in multinational companies such as Dell, Philips and Groupe Bull, as well as setting up and running small and mid-sized technology and consulting businesses in the USA and the UK. At Cambridge University, he was a Founding Director of the Centre for Industrial Sustainability, and has since been instrumental in the commercialisation of new business tools, such as the Value Analysis. He has extensive experience delivering consultancy and facilitation with companies of all sizes.


Peter Ward


Peter’s long and varied career allows him to see business challenges from the client’s perspective, offering an empathetic understanding of the factors that contribute to the complex problems that are often faced. Having worked for both medium and large organisations such as Philips Electronics, Dell, Roche and Xerox in the Technology and Healthcare Markets, Peter has had a successful and varied corporate career; as a thought leader, and now as a consultant, he enjoys using his wealth of experience in operational, financial, distribution and channel management to help a broad range of businesses build sustainable solutions to their challenges.


Richard Gibbs

Chief Research Officer

With a strong academic dimension complementing his corporate career, Richard’s PhD research focussed on how firms can improve their competitive advantage through better partnering and collaboration. Having developed his research findings into a widely utilised relationship management tool, his most recent commercial role was as Head of Strategy at Xerox, where he is also credited with driving through major change and business transformation initiatives. Through his consultancy work he enjoys the opportunity ability to work with leading edge companies on complex and complicated challenges, and brings a combination of hands on operational experience and academic perspective to rootsquared.

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