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Mindshare 1.0

Company gain valuable perspective as internal vs external perception of channel health is assessed.

Using a combination of self-appraisal and actual channel assessment, a well-established Western European hardware vendor used Mindshare 1.0 to map the correlation between the internal and external perception of channel health. These results were also compared to the company’s ultimate goals in that area.

Mindshare mapping revealed that actual channel health and internal expectations were below the ideal goal. In terms of economic behavioral attributes, the results were well-aligned with their goal, and above internal expectations. It was found that investments by resellers aligned to expectations, and were ahead of goal. In addition, internal sales effectiveness and joint planning were both well above resellers’ expectations. A key learning was that the relationship was generally perceived as far less reliable and flexible than was required by partners. Ultimately, internal views of channel health were overly optimistic, and there was still a considerable amount of improvement required in multiple areas before resellers’ opinions started to align with the company’s targeted goals.

As a result of these findings, brought about by Mindshare 1.0, recommendations for targeted improvement could be made with confidence.

It was suggested that investing in a programme to collaboratively develop planning process, starting with more senior engagement to guide account managers would be advantageous. An external review of communication and marketing programmes, with reseller input, was also recommended on the basis that this could lead to the programmes in question being fully redeveloped. A further suggestion was that an escalation process be developed, to allow speedier problem resolution and finally, that new skills programmes were introduced for all channel managers.

“The Mindshare Internal Analysis provided hugely insightful perspective. It demonstrated that we had poor account management practices and that internal view was overly-optimistic of our perceived importance to our partners; this was a reality check for all levels of the Channels Group.”

Vice President and General Manager,

Business Strategy and Distribution, European Channels Group

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