Mindshare 1.0

Hardware vendor gains valuable clarity with full analysis of partner channels.

A well-established Western European hardware vendor used Mindshare 1.0 to obtain full channel analysis of the health of their partner relationships, in relation to that of their main competition.

By utilising the Mindshare mapping technique, several significant high level findings were immediately apparent. Generally the hardware vendor in question was seen as the “partner of choice” to those within its channels, and was perceived to be outperforming its competitor. Its most notable areas of advantage and strength were observed to be economic, a result of investment by both sides of the partnership. In addition to these areas of advantage, some shortcomings were also illuminated: the vendor suffered from a competitive disadvantage when it came to perceived value of brand, competitiveness of product and effective communication. Even more acutely, the vendor was suffering from absolute comparative weakness in terms of joint planning, marketing cooperation and general engagement.

Once the Mindshare mapping technique had given this insight into the state of the vendor’s channel health, improvements could start to be planned in a targeted, strategic manner. Recommendations included the improved positioning of investment in partner discussions, communications and recruitment programmes, in order to address the significant shortfall that had been identified. It was advised that general communication programmes and partner-facing content should be reviewed and improved in line with findings, and that it could be advantageous to review the product roadmap and share any predictions of a more competitive portfolio. Finally, a revision of the sales planning process and skills was recommended.

“Mindshare helped us to understand where to focus on operational improvement and, eventually, led to a multi-million dollar technology investment in partner relationship management platform. This has proven to be invaluable in taking our business forward”

Vice President and General Manager

Business Strategy and Distribution, European Channels Group

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