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Cambridge Value Generation Tools

Developed by Cambridge University as part of a multimillion pound research project into sustainability, these tools enable businesses to visualise the outcomes of value exchanges with customers and other stakeholders and identify where to enhance or improve.

The process begins by looking outwardly at the subject’s stakeholder ecosystem, and exploring the untapped value to highlight potential business opportunities. Focus then shifts to a more internal assessment of service and product value, before moving on to examine business model design and readiness for change. The methodology concludes by uncovering quick wins, identifying barriers for removal and building an action plan for ongoing effective implementation.

Exceptionally adaptable, The Cambridge Value Generation Tools can (and have) been applied to several different business goals. While most commonly used to assess existing and emergent business propositions, it is equally effective at innovating those which are still being consolidated, helping to evaluate the potential of new technologies and processes. It can also be used to assess new products ahead of launch, to revitalise stagnant product sets and to challenge the thinking of senior teams who recognise that they may have grown too close to their product to retain the level of objectivity required.

Key Benefits of Cambridge Value Generation Tools

Broad Spectrum View

By working through the methodology, businesses gain clarity on the external and internal factors affecting their value exchanges.

Actionable Outcomes

The CMVG tools can be run together to provide investigation, analysis and solutions; resulting in a customised plan, ready for immediate implementation.

Effective Stakeholder Participation

Essential stakeholders are identified, to ensure that all value exchanges can be considered, resulting in deeper, broader analysis of opportunities

Optimised Efficiency

By highlighting the ways in which value can be lost, businesses are able to address the gaps and weaknesses in their value delivery.

Revealing New Opportunities

Finding out where value exchanges are failing reveals opportunities for remedies and the development of new products, processes and services.

Adaptable Model

This flexible methodology has been used by over 250 businesses from multiple sectors, including Oracle, Marks & Spencers and Chanel.

Cambridge Value Generation Tools Related Insights

Multinational company

“We are now using this tool as a default in the early stages of all new product development.”

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Major UK retailer

“We benefited from everyone involved in key decisions having a common level of understanding. The tools gave us a systems-centric view of decisions, forcing ideas to be challenged and overcoming the repetitive revisiting of decisions”

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