Technology Services Adoption Model

Analyse the factors that drive customer adoption of your cloud-based services, and obtain measurable KPIs to improve your value proposition and uptake.

cloud-based infrastructure, AI or IOT is offered as a service, the Technology Services Adoption Model provides analysis and suggested improvement of businesses’ adoption strategies by applying a five step model. The process begins with an assessment of performance deviation (how actual uptake of your services measures up to expected projections) before utilising a combination of desk research, 1:1 interviews, workshops and calibration surveys to arrive at a solid improvement model and detailed KPIs.

In order to attain this final set of recommendations, a long list of attributes, ranging from completeness of offer and pricing, to contract terms and technical support, is assessed through customer research. Using the Accelerated Technology Adoption Quadrant that forms part of the process, your value proposition can then be assessed as a service by customers against two main criteria (i.e. Commercial Benefits and Fit for (IT) Purpose.)

In addition to highlighting where clear high and low levels of adoption exist, the model sheds light on the more subtle or unexpected blockers to uptake; for example, the vendor is perceived as technically competent, but commercial worries are limiting adoption.

By assessing the correlation of the findings at a high level, clear and actionable recommendations can be made to improve adoption / propensity to buy.

Key Benefits of Technology Services Adoption Model

Understand Adoption Behaviours

This methodology offers truly powerful insight into your marketing channels; providing the opportunity for exceptionally targeted improvement.

Clear Focus

Utilising the Technology Services Adoption Model ensures complete clarity in terms of which areas will show greatest return on the investment of your attention.

Powerful Contextualised Insight

Understand not only your own position within the Adoption Quadrant, but how it relates to your customers’ relative position.

Competitive Comparison

Reveal not only your own business’ strengths and areas of weakness; see how they measure up to your key competition.

Prioritised Action Planning

Consulting support available to drive program development and change activities based on specific findings of the model.

Refine Your Value Proposition

Gain clear and honest feedback on the current perception of your Value Proposition and make the necessary improvements.

Technology Services Adoption Model Related Insights

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