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Mindshare 1.0

Measure the strength and quality of the behavioural relationships determining the success of your business, obtaining a clear score that enables diagnostic action.

In order to provide a diagnostic Mindshare score, 23 key behavioural attributes (incorporating communication, trust, commitment and conflict) are considered by the model. These paint a picture of the strength and quality of the relationships at play within the business – a key factor in determining the success or failure of the ongoing partnership. The model maps these attributes, then applies analysis to provide a final Mindshare score, which can be used for external understanding, competitor analysis, internal insight and to drive change.

This adaptable methodology has successfully examined over 10,000 partnerships, across multiple geographies. The model – which utilises a combination of surveying and interview techniques, underpinned by sophisticated statistical analysis to produce a customised report – works in marketing channels and strategic alliances, as well as supply chain partnerships, and has been adopted by leading IT vendors as the basis for channel development.

Key Benefits of Mindshare 1.0

External Understanding

Mindshare 1.0 enables unique insights not given by traditional methodologies into understanding general channel partner alignment.

Competitor Analysis

An effective and unbiased method of assessing own performance against your main competitor or industry best in class.

Internal Insight

The potential to provide a highly illuminating comparison between internal and external impressions of the health of your channels relationships.

Increased Efficiency

Build more effective channels strategies and assess effectiveness of your account management teams.

Prioritised Action Planning

Consulting support available to drive program development and change activities based on specific Mindshare attributes.

Adaptable Model

This flexible methodology is capable of providing insight to a wide range of channels based business models.

Mindshare 1.0 Related Insights

EMEA-based software vendor

“We have applied the Mindshare Diagnostic Model to our business across nearly 25 countries and seen very positive impacts within 18 months. The results are tangible; helping us develop the competitive edge to take significant share from our key competitors.”

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Western European hardware vendor

“The Mindshare Internal Analysis provided hugely insightful perspective. It demonstrated that we had poor account management practices and that internal view was overly-optimistic of our perceived importance to our partners; this was a reality check for all levels of the Channels Group.”

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