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Mindshare 4.0

Enable wider strategic insight and gain clarity on your channel identities by utilising Mindshare 4.0 to map clusters of distinct partner types.

Developed to be used in conjunction with the findings of Mindshare 1.0, Mindshare 4.0 offers the opportunity to deploy effective, well-informed strategic change, based on a deeper understanding of the channels your partners and resellers fall into.

The five channels are defined by the mix of partner types a business finds itself working with. Its efficiency can then be evaluated and optimised, allowing senior leadership to initiate informed strategic improvements. While Mindshare 1.0 tells you how well you are currently dealing with your various partners, Mindshare 4.0 gives you insight and advice regarding their distinct identities, enabling you to improve future interactions and build stronger, more effective relationships. A combination of sophisticated reporting and unique workshop methodologies provided by rootsquared ensures that a clear agenda for change and improvement is laid out and actioned.

Key Benefits of Mindshare 4.0

Strategic Improvement

This methodology offers truly powerful insight into your marketing channels; providing the opportunity for exceptionally targeted improvement.

Competitor Analysis

The chance to get “like for like” comparison with your wider industry; see the areas in which you stand out and, perhaps, fall behind.

Optimised Efficiency

Mindshare 4.0 holds a mirror up to the complete spectrum of your channels: clearly observe how reality varies from expectations and plan corrective action.

Internal Insight

Challenge preconceptions that may have been unconsciously held; Mindshare 4.0 presents unbiased and honest reporting.

An Insightful Alternative to NPS

Mindshare 4.0 brings fresh perspective to situations that have potential to be frustrated by the known limitations of Net Promoter Score methodology.

Tangible, Actionable Change

The beauty of this methodology is the instant clarity it brings to your ongoing strategy; see the potential for actionable and long-lasting improvement.

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